Mobileroo launches gText!
Posted 07/04/2011

Mobileroo is very pleased to announce the launch of gText. gText is the next generation group messaging tool!

Imagine that one number is all you have to remember when you organizing your next party. Just focus on getting things done and keep everyone in the communication loop. Its that simple!

1. Join gText

2. Create a group

3. Invite your friends

4. Send messages !

If you send a message to this one number, we will broadcast to your entire group. If anyone replies, everyone in the group gets it. So, no one is missed out on the entire conversation!

As a launch promo, we offer 25 FREE credits when you sign up now. Click here to signup now and give it a go!

Welcome to Mobileroo
Posted 29/03/2011

Mobileroo announces the launch of our new website. We have released our new website today. It contains loads of information for users.