We're confident we've built the best text message service available. With our powerful features and intuitive control panel, you can send text messages to your customers and staff in seconds.

Never before has direct and instant communication been this easy!

Using our Outbound SMS Service you can send text to your customers, staff and prospects.

Mobile Messaging

The mobileroo platform is simple but powerful, and gives you the flexibility to send the right message to get the response you want from customers.

Easy-to-Use Templates

Create your own SMS templates to use whenever you like and across various campaigns. They simplify and standardise your communications to make it easier for you to focus on the message you are wanting to send.

Advanced Scheduling

Our scheduling features can handle multiple future send dates as well as 'ping' functionality to send multiple copies of the same message over a period of time. Perfect to remind customers to pay a bill over a few days before it's due.


Use custom merge fields in your messages to have personalised contact with each customer. The data is drawn directly from your database to make your messages much more meaningful.

Advanced Filtering

A powerful part of mobileroo – filtering on any data-set in your database provides highly targeted messages. A great way to invite all your dog-loving customers to your pet store's accessory sale.

Anniversary Messaging

Show your customers you care – customise messages to be sent to them on a specific anniversary, such as a birthday or wedding. Want repeat business? The Pre-Anniversary feature can be used to message a specified number of days before a preset anniversary – so you can remind them how much they enjoyed their party at your venue last time and invite them to have it there again!

Custom Naming

Mobileroo allows you to customise the name your messages come from so that you can have a more personal identity.


You have full control over whatever tags you want to use to categorise your customers. Categorising your customer base means cost-effective and time-efficient market penetration.

Simple and Seamless

Integrating mobileroo with your current systems is a cinch, meaning you can get to work faster. Our simple API is available for customised solutions and mobileroo is fully flexible to import or export data at the touch of a button.

Mobileroo makes it simple!