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Baby Xylophone App

Baby Xylophone App for Kids and Toddlers is the best Xylophone app with entertaining nursery rhymes and background music. Kids enjoy the app by pressing the colorful Xylophone buttons and enjoy smooth animations in the background, singing along with popular nursery rhymes.


Some of the unique features include:
- Multi-touch Xylophone just adds more fun to the little one's amusement!
- Hidden animations triggered when your kid taps on the background engages your toddler for a long time!
- Popular nursery rhymes pre-loaded
- Dont like the rhymes, tap the bell icon and change to loop music mode
- Universal app compatible with all your devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod compatible!

Either you want to unleash your toddler's natural musical talent or just want to give your kid something to entertain, this is the app for you. Baby Xylophone App will help your little one to have great musical fun! This little app offers hours of fun while learning to love and enjoy music!

Stay tuned! And please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement

You do not want to miss this little app. Give it a try now!


Coming Soon to AppStore!

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