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You love monkeying around?

Are you a joker by nature?

Do you love giving yourself and others a good laugh?

Then why not take it one step further by becoming a master in the ancient monkey art of SMS pranking! If you think you've got what it takes, if you feel the monkey prankster juices flowing within, then SMS Monkey is for you!

This app will create endless hours of fun for you and your family and friends. It's as simple as downloading the app and then letting your very own SMS prankster monkey guide you to pranking stardom! He will show you how to send a prank SMS by:

- choosing a user from the list of Monkey-Approved "from" users. You always wanted to send an SMS as "Superman" to your best friend? Well here's your chance!
- writing your own text message or even selecting one of the Monkey-Approved existing messages that will guarantee a good laugh. Think you can do better? Prove it!

The more skilful, creative you get, the more pranks you will send. That is your first step towards climbing the Pranking Monkeys hierarchy and becoming one of Monkey Kings.

To show their appreciation, the Pranking Monkeys Association will even give out free bananas for sending pranks along your journey of becoming a Monkey King!! And that guarantees even more fun!!

So get your prankster license by downloading this app and let the monkey games begin!

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End of Life.

Mobileroo makes it simple!