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Matrix9 Putting Buddy

Using you feet as a measuring system to control your swing, and a simple three way stance set up, Matrix9 will make you think differently about your roll speed and distance control when you are putting.

When you arrive at a course all you need to do is spend about 10 minutes on the practice green presetting your roll speed and distance control for 9 variations of putts that you will be faced with out on the course. These 9 putts are determined by length (long, medium & short) and lie (flat, uphill & downhill) and will produce your personal distance control which you’ll be able to reproduce out on the course. This process will give you confidence when putting as all the measurements have been done on the practice green and you don’t have to think about it when the pressure is on.

To measure each of these 9 putts, Matrix9 uses a simple system that sets your stance and swing, using your feet as markers. Firstly you will select one of three stance positions using your shoulders as a guide. The first position is to have your feet inside your shoulders, the second is level with your shoulders and the third is outside your shoulders. Once you have decided on a stance position you will then have to select one of three reference points to stop your back swing at using your back foot as a guide. The three stopping points on your back foot are - outside of the back foot, middle of the back foot and inside the back foot.

Any combination of stance and swing can be used to produce various ball speeds. When you are inputting your settings on the practice green experiment with whatever combination of stance and swing gets you closest to the hole for all 9 types of putt.

What this process does is make you think about distance control for various putts before the game has started rather than out on the course. This takes away a certain element of pressure when putting and gives you more confidence when hitting the ball. Once the distance control has been predetermined on the practise green, all you need to do when walking towards the green is assess whether you have a long, short or medium putt, or if the putt is flat, uphill or downhill. Then you simply tap your Martix9 settings to access the information that you’ve already set up on the practise green. You will then instantly know your putting set up before you have even marked you ball.

It’s important to note that this system is only designed for distance control when putting. You will still need to manually assess the geography and slope of every green and read the curvature accordingly. However as your distance control has already been predetermined, more time can be spent to assess the angle at which you will approach the hole.


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