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Speak Contacts - What is it, anyway?

'Speak Contacts' is a multi-lingual number reader for your iPhone.Have you ever been in a situation where your friend calls you, asking for a number and you have to read the number to him? It is very annoying to look at the numbers and read at the same time. Not to mention, you have to speak it more than once to ensure that your friend on the other end got the number right. You dont have to worry anymore.

'Speak Contacts' solves this problem by reading the phone number for you. Its as simple as selecting a phone number from your Contacts. 'Speak Contacts' let you browse through your contacts inside our application and lets you to select a contact. Once you have selected a phone number, 'Speak Contacts' will automatically start reading the phone number for you. In this version, you can choose from a list of included voices. 'Speak Contacts' also features functionalities such as rewind and read the number again, just in case, if your friend needs it to be repeated.

A simple, easy and fun way to read phone numbers is just one tap away!


Simple and Easy to use interface.
Browse and select from your Contacts inside the application interface.
Play, Pause, Rewind and Slide to a particular position anytime.
Select voices 'On The Go'.
Designed to be used while on a phone call. So you dont have to turn off/on the silent switch.
'Speak Contacts' reads the phone number in the following languages:
  • English, Italian, Cantonese, Tamil, Russian, Mandarin, Hindi and Japanese in this version.


Make sure you press the speaker button while on iPhone call.
Press Home Button and Launch 'Speak Contacts'.
Browse through the contacts and select the phone number.
Thats it!
'Speak Contacts' will automatically start speaking the selected phone number.


Place the 'Speak Contacts' icon in your home screen for quick launching.
We recommend to have your speaker volume max for best results.
And again, make sure you are on speaker phone while on iPhone call.

Speak Contacts Lite

Try before you buy! Download the lite version of 'Speak Contacts' - 'Speak Contacts Lite'. The lite version is a scaled down version of 'Speak Contacts' and has just one male English voice and its free!! (Awaiting Apple App Store approval)

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